Month: March 2013

DOMA, Gay Marriage, and whatever comes next

There has been a lot of bluster at the Supreme Court as it decided to take up a Constitutional issue from the State of Californification and it’s recently passed Proposition 8. This Proposition defined marriage as a union of one man and one woman. It did not support gay or same sex marriage. Admittedly, I have not dug into the actual language of this bill but I do find it remarkable that an overwhelmingly liberal state supported a right of center approach to marriage. What happened?

Before everyone goes off the reservation accusing this writer of being against same sex marriage, just chill. I am not against it. I do support it but I don’t believe it should be Federally mandated (and I don’t agree with DOMA either for that matter). I’m firmly in the belief that it should be left up to the states to decide what’s best for the people that choose to live within its borders.

Here’s where all the supporters of equality get it all wrong with this issue at the Supreme Court. The will of the people decided what marriage should be defined as during a popular vote. If you didn’t vote, that acts as a choice too. Regardless of the decision, the people of the state decided their destiny. When you have rogue liberals sitting on the bench for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit who decided that they knew better than the will of the people in this matter, then America, we have a real problem.

Since when do we allow judges to determine the destiny of the majority? This is the crux of the issue. If we are a nation of laws, then the 9th Circuit is there to insure the Constitution remains pure and supported. The Supreme Court should be looking at a procedural error on the part of the lower court, not on the validity of marital equality. If the Supreme Court allows the lower court’s decision to stand whether through direct decision or a punt and pass (narrowing the scope of the issue), then the doors will be opened for other issues down the road.

At some point, the will of the people has to mean something. Right now, our country is being ruled via executive fiat and emotion. If that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I’m not sure what is.

Gay Marriage is a highly emotional topic and something that should be discussed at home but yet it’s on full public display without any regard to family values. Equality should not be shoved down an individual’s throat like this. How are schools going to teach this? What if parents don’t want their kids exposed to it at school because they’d rather be the ones to teach them at home? What choice will we have especially when the will of the people is ignored?


The Fallacy of Feminism?

I had the opportunity or the misfortune (depending on your viewpoint) of reading The Retro Wife at NYMAG after watching a CBS interview between the author and CBS hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose. The interview itself in my mind, was usual trope about discussing the effects of a recent research project into the study of feminists who make the “choice” to leave the corporate life for one being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM).

But wait, what’s wrong with feminism you might ask. After all the true purpose of feminism was to provide equality between the sexes in the work/public/whatever world. Breaking perceived glass ceilings, equal pay. The issue I have with this article and the premise presented to us via the scientific method is that feminists are making a “choice”. Wait, what? “What’s wrong with that?”, the hamster starts screaming. The issue is that this has nothing to do with feminism in it’s true form. This article, poorly written, I might add, wraps a choice in the feminist blanket in order to sell advertising and gain “clicks”.

Deeper introspection of what’s going on is that women with resources or access to resources are eschewing the trappings of corporate life in order to spend time at home. I have absolutely no problem with that at all if its possible. Having one parent spend more time with their own progeny has been shown to provide benefits in aggregate. Unfortunately, given today’s economy that choice is outside the reach of many women and single mothers.

I thought the whole point of feminism in the first place was about equality between the genders. How is this accomplished with many of these so called “feminists” leaning out as it were? Feminism (in its present form) is about emasculating men in all arenas instead of empowering women. Oh now, we’re all equal. In her interview on CBS, she stated we shouldn’t be pointing fingers but bottom line, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  But feminists have been pointing fingers for many years, only now, they’re beginning to point at each other. Why else would a woman with resources tell women to lean in more because they just aren’t doing enough to pull other women up to their level?

So which is it? To lean in or lean out? The decision is not whether you come from privilege or have the opportunity to “opt out”, it’s whether or not you realize that the feminism that you’ve grown to love is overblown utopia. The original intent of feminism was fine to a point, but like many other things in our society, it has been chopped up, mixed with other stuff, and baked into something that few can chew.

Leave it to Beaver is over but it doesn’t change the fact that nature will still overrule societies “wants”. During the interview, Charlie Rose states that men should feel more, be more, appreciate more, etc when it comes to supporting the choice. How much MORE can a man do when a woman decides to lean out? Everything defaults to him to maintain a lifestyle. For those men that decide to be house dads, I would ask at what point does a woman feel that becomes unattractive when she is out working all day and he is Mr Mom? The poor guy becomes a beta schlub to be kicked to the curb because he can no longer “attract” his spouse.

The world isn’t telling women how to feel or what they are. It’s the feminist Matrix. Simply because it doesn’t want to give up any measure of control over itself. Women leaving the working world goes against new feminism. This scares Radfemdom because it’s a loss a control over part of the Matrix.

But feminism is sure to hammer home how men should feel and act. More chores means more sexy time for men… yeah, a man doing dishes is real sexy isn’t it? How many times has Cosmopolitan and other women’s magazines have articles about what men can do to be more attractive to women albeit with “getting in touch with his feminine side”.  It was supposedly about gender neutrality but that has morphed into a society where Man, manliness, and anything masculine is evil. Feminists like using the code words misogynist, or chauvinism as a way of making men feel wrong.

Real Men don’t want to go back to relive those retro assumptions (Happy Days) as RadFems continually like to point out. Instead, they’d rather be supported by the woman in their life and appreciated for his manliness, not how much in touch with the feminine.

What I find interesting is how the enlightened RadFem can’t quite wrap their minds around the fact that regardless of millions of years of evolution still beats 50 years of “sociology” in trying to overcome basic limbic brain function. They just want to rule out the fact that at heart, we are still animals, and biology will still rule at the end of the day.

If that’s what you want, enjoy that beta supplication to your heart’s content.  On the other hand, women, if you have the resources to have the ability to make that choice to stay home with your family, so be it. In the end, it’s your family, your rules. Rest of us be damned.

Building the Castle

Red Castle 1

I sit staring at blinking cursor wondering where to begin. Many friends have told me I should write a book but I think that building a blog might be a better place to start to gain experience. I’ll let y’all decide.

I guess the main reason is that a lot of things fly through this k’noggin’ of mind all day and perhaps putting it down on “paper” might be a good place to get things off my chest so to speak.

My castle will be built one block at a time. Since this is my stronghold, it will always be improved, never complete. Not sure if it’s a good thing to always reach a goal or enjoy the journey along the way.

At any rate, here it is, and so it begins.