Month: April 2013

Lofty Aspirations or a Harsh Reality?

Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in ...

Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in 1935.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read a couple of interesting articles today written by Susan Walsh posted here  and here describing the trade off between women coming to the realization that if they are in their late 20’s and hitting the career first, man/marriage and family later must realize they are on the cusp of having only a career to look forward to. While she made some valiant points one must realize that this article is solely written through and with the lens of feminism attempting to provide a long range strategy in the “We CAN have it all!” mantra that seems to be all the rage today with most hardcore feminists. It attempts to support that a woman has the ability to decide what she wants when she wants.

Ms Walsh quotes Sylvia Hewlett’s 2002 article Executive Women and the Myth of Having it All, which advises women to give careful consideration to their objectives well ahead of time:

1. Figure out what you want your life to look like at 45. 

If you want children (and 86-89% of high achieving women do), you need to become highly intentional and take action now.

2. Give urgent priority to finding a partner.

High achieving women have an easier time finding a partner in their 20s and early 30s.

3. Have your first child before 35.

The occasional miracle notwithstanding, late-in-life childbearing is fraught with risk and failure. 

4. Choose a career that will give you the gift of time.

Avoid professions with rigid career trajectories. Certain careers provide more flexibility and are more forgiving of interruptions. Female entrepreneurs, for example, do better than female lawyers in combining work and family – and they both do better than corporate women.

While I agree with the list I’d like to point out that this is extremely one-sided. This assumes that women in this category (highly educated, high achieving, high income, etc) have more “choice”

Susan writes:

I’ve been using the musical chairs metaphor since I began blogging – it’s been clear for two decades that women were outperforming men in education, and the current college ratio of 57% female, 43% male makes it undeniable that we have a serious problem with marriage prospects. 

The reasons for this disparity can be argued on many facets but I’d like to narrow mine to a few:

1. 30 years of feminism, STEM, and other female centric programs teaching both genders that women deserve MORE focus than males in the education system.

2. Failure of our modern schooling to adequately focus on the difference in learning styles for boys and instead shifting focus to girls. Ever wonder why ADHD is such a new widespread “syndrome” in our society and it affects boys more than girls?. The answer is drugging the boys so they “calm down” and “focus” instead of realizing that boys learn through hands on rather than just reading and answering questions.

3. Boys realizing that there is no longer an incentive to attain higher education in a system that no longer supports their ability to achieve in the future workplace. In other words, opting out.

4. College admissions openly against admitting males in favor of females regardless of qualifications and supposed gender neutral admission policies.

5. Women radicalized to thinking that more education really leads to what they truly want in life.

Walsh further states that one third of today’s female college graduates (Millennials as the focus) will not marry a college educated male according to the following reasons:

1. They want high achieving men, and there aren’t enough of them to go around.

2. They are ambitious in their careers but lazy about their love lives.

For one, it’s not as if we are holding out for Jake Gyllenhaal, but we do have certain non-negotiable expectations for potential mates that include college degrees and white-collar jobs. Life has always gone according to our plans, so why wouldn’t we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?

This unwillingness to settle for less than we think we deserve is joined by a lax attitude towards searching for potential mates. We’re busy dominating the world. We don’t have time to hang out at bars. While some of us explore online dating or take a more proactive approach, the majority of Millennial women have long assumed we would meet Prince Charming via friends, or through their own social circles.

There’s nothing women can do about the sex ratio in college, but they can certainly be strategic in their search for a mate. Indeed, it is not a random game of musical chairs. By making the right choices, you can get a tipoff on when the music is about to stop.

I generally applaud Ms Walsh’s writings in illustrating her points but I think she doesn’t want to alienate her more fem leaning readers by admitting to and illustrating the female imperative. While I realize she’s attempting to protect the gains women have made in education and perhaps the workplace, she cannot seem to focus the light on what feminism in its worst form (what we are living with now) has wreaked on our society.

While the above is true if you THINK you have a choice, which of course you do, Ladies, permit me to let you in on a little secret. The choice you really have is to either believe the lie you’ve been fed for the last 30 years or not. Simply put, men are awakening to the new reality and believe it or not, they aren’t mad. Quite the contrary. Instead they are simply opting out of the game you want to play. Want all the super achievements? Fine, go for it. You’ll reap the “benefits” bestowed on the old fashioned male that you’ve come to hate. If you haven’t read about the Herbivores of Japan you really should. It’s coming to a society near you at a lightning speed. Men are simply going to work to live and survive and no longer to “achieve”. What’s the point? Women need to stop bemoaning the dearth of marriageable men because you’ve gotten what you’ve asked for. Feminism has built a whole new society where everything is looked at how it impacts women as opposed to its impact on men or to society as a whole.

So ladies, you do have a choice. Continue to believe the lie, or kick it to the curb and decide which route you want to take in college. You do have a shelf life and men are becoming very aware now.


There I said it…

Here's the deal. I think men have become so brainwashed into hiding or burying their true selves. We've been told at a young age that we aren't allowed to talk about women in anything other than as equals and that if we actually talked about women in public, we're instantly labeled as misogynists or (holding my breath) sexist…

I think its important up front as a man to decide what we like about women. Sorry ladies, it's not your brains or how smart you are, or even how much money you make. Those are neat little items that bring resources back to the cave for a hard, cold winter. But that's what they are, resources. When they become more important than your man or your family for that matter, you will be amply rewarded for that. We call it hitting the wall or worse, being older with no family, unloved. You'll be rich or at least have a retirement plan, but you'll be wondering where “all the good men went”.

Ladies we have this overabundance of stuff called Testosterone. That stuff makes men, well, men. Instead of trying to bury it underneath misogyny, you should really try to embrace it.

So here's what I like. I like a nice set of boobs, nice legs, long hair and a great ass. For me, there's nothing better than a great set of legs that ends up at a very nice ass. Boobs are nice and complete the package. I enjoy when a woman knows this and uses it to her advantage.

Ladies, if you want to attract and keep a real man, you need to be feminine, dress nice ALL the time, and sex him up on a regular basis. There's a difference between submissive and feminine, learn it. The more masculine a woman tries to be whether in attitude, trying to break the glass ceiling, or whatever, the less attractive you are to a man.

Men, stop being afraid of yourselves. Own up to your true being. There's nothing wrong with admitting what you like. They're your balls, not society's.


All Your Kids Belong to Us

I just happened to catch this video and couldn’t believe what I heard.

Folks, I’m not one to start sounding alarms but if this is what MSNBC and NBC in general are pushing, you should be concerned. We now have a mainstream media outlet pushing Marxism in our own country.

I’ll let you be the judge but having fought Marxism/Socialism/Communism in my lifetime, this is extremely subversive. Communism itself is extremely subtle that it can sneak up on you and before you know, you’ve willingly given up your freedoms/rights for a payout from the government.

ADHD, Boys, and Crisis?

The current procedure for diagnosing ADHD involves subjectively speaking with parents, teachers and patients about possible symptoms, while ruling out other medical explanations.  There is no definitive test for the disorder.

Wait, what?

According to an article in the NY Times (here) the diagnosis of ADHD in boys is on the rise in the United States. Nearly one in five high school-aged boys has been given a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, about twice the rate of girls in the same age group, according to an analysis of 2011-12 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When I was a youngling, there was no such thing as ADHD. We called it being a boy. By nature we were “hyperactive” and had issues sitting still in a classroom. Upon reflection, it appears to me that there are much larger issues at work here.

The first is our environment. We are now in an environment with a food supply that is highly toxic to our population. Most insecticides are estrogen based, working their evil magic on young boys in early development. Our grain supply is hybridized now leading to problems with gluten. I’m not a doctor/scientist but I’ve noticed a stark change in behavior in my kids when I changed them to a gluten free diet. Add to this the reliance on sugar (actually fructose) another poison to the liver, and hormone laden meat supplies and it’s no wonder why our young today are “growing” up in a toxic environment. Love Canal (for those of you old enough to remember) has nothing on the quiet evil that has invaded our kids’ bodies over a lifetime.

The second issue is the change in our education system that overly focuses on girls and their learning while the boys are more and more finding themselves having to learn on their own. In other words, boys’ behavior in the classroom is now being held against them and hindering them in their learning progress as one study shows:

“Boys get lower grades than what their test scores would suggest and girls get higher grades than what their test scores would suggest,” said Jessica Van Parys, a co-author of the study published this month in The Journal of Human Resources and doctoral economics student at Columbia University.

“It shows that the gender differences in education emerge very early and it points to one potential explanation for why girls are outperforming boys in years of schooling and academic achievement,” Van Parys said. “It’s a piece to a very big puzzle.”

In the UK, a separate study conducted by professors Amine Ouazad and Lionel Page, for the London School of Economic’s Centre for Economic Performance showed that while there was no difference in grading with ethnic bias, there was difference between the genders. Male teachers made the girls step up their game while treating males more fairly than female teachers.

Given that over 80% of public school teachers in the United States are women, the discouragement of boys about education should come as no surprise.  It’s not their ability, their intelligence or their effort that matters; it’s their sex. 

So let’s put this together. When you put a toxic physiological environment together with a toxic political environment there is a ceaseless denigration of today’s males. ADHD diagnosis is on the rise to insure an environment where males are made to conform in the classroom. Today’s classroom rewards calm serenity whereby males are force fed “equality” between the sexes. What better way than to kill “boys will be boys” reality than with mind/mood altering drugs after being diagnosed with a perceived “syndrome”?