ADHD, Boys, and Crisis?

The current procedure for diagnosing ADHD involves subjectively speaking with parents, teachers and patients about possible symptoms, while ruling out other medical explanations.  There is no definitive test for the disorder.

Wait, what?

According to an article in the NY Times (here) the diagnosis of ADHD in boys is on the rise in the United States. Nearly one in five high school-aged boys has been given a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, about twice the rate of girls in the same age group, according to an analysis of 2011-12 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When I was a youngling, there was no such thing as ADHD. We called it being a boy. By nature we were “hyperactive” and had issues sitting still in a classroom. Upon reflection, it appears to me that there are much larger issues at work here.

The first is our environment. We are now in an environment with a food supply that is highly toxic to our population. Most insecticides are estrogen based, working their evil magic on young boys in early development. Our grain supply is hybridized now leading to problems with gluten. I’m not a doctor/scientist but I’ve noticed a stark change in behavior in my kids when I changed them to a gluten free diet. Add to this the reliance on sugar (actually fructose) another poison to the liver, and hormone laden meat supplies and it’s no wonder why our young today are “growing” up in a toxic environment. Love Canal (for those of you old enough to remember) has nothing on the quiet evil that has invaded our kids’ bodies over a lifetime.

The second issue is the change in our education system that overly focuses on girls and their learning while the boys are more and more finding themselves having to learn on their own. In other words, boys’ behavior in the classroom is now being held against them and hindering them in their learning progress as one study shows:

“Boys get lower grades than what their test scores would suggest and girls get higher grades than what their test scores would suggest,” said Jessica Van Parys, a co-author of the study published this month in The Journal of Human Resources and doctoral economics student at Columbia University.

“It shows that the gender differences in education emerge very early and it points to one potential explanation for why girls are outperforming boys in years of schooling and academic achievement,” Van Parys said. “It’s a piece to a very big puzzle.”

In the UK, a separate study conducted by professors Amine Ouazad and Lionel Page, for the London School of Economic’s Centre for Economic Performance showed that while there was no difference in grading with ethnic bias, there was difference between the genders. Male teachers made the girls step up their game while treating males more fairly than female teachers.

Given that over 80% of public school teachers in the United States are women, the discouragement of boys about education should come as no surprise.  It’s not their ability, their intelligence or their effort that matters; it’s their sex. 

So let’s put this together. When you put a toxic physiological environment together with a toxic political environment there is a ceaseless denigration of today’s males. ADHD diagnosis is on the rise to insure an environment where males are made to conform in the classroom. Today’s classroom rewards calm serenity whereby males are force fed “equality” between the sexes. What better way than to kill “boys will be boys” reality than with mind/mood altering drugs after being diagnosed with a perceived “syndrome”?

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