There I said it…

Here's the deal. I think men have become so brainwashed into hiding or burying their true selves. We've been told at a young age that we aren't allowed to talk about women in anything other than as equals and that if we actually talked about women in public, we're instantly labeled as misogynists or (holding my breath) sexist…

I think its important up front as a man to decide what we like about women. Sorry ladies, it's not your brains or how smart you are, or even how much money you make. Those are neat little items that bring resources back to the cave for a hard, cold winter. But that's what they are, resources. When they become more important than your man or your family for that matter, you will be amply rewarded for that. We call it hitting the wall or worse, being older with no family, unloved. You'll be rich or at least have a retirement plan, but you'll be wondering where “all the good men went”.

Ladies we have this overabundance of stuff called Testosterone. That stuff makes men, well, men. Instead of trying to bury it underneath misogyny, you should really try to embrace it.

So here's what I like. I like a nice set of boobs, nice legs, long hair and a great ass. For me, there's nothing better than a great set of legs that ends up at a very nice ass. Boobs are nice and complete the package. I enjoy when a woman knows this and uses it to her advantage.

Ladies, if you want to attract and keep a real man, you need to be feminine, dress nice ALL the time, and sex him up on a regular basis. There's a difference between submissive and feminine, learn it. The more masculine a woman tries to be whether in attitude, trying to break the glass ceiling, or whatever, the less attractive you are to a man.

Men, stop being afraid of yourselves. Own up to your true being. There's nothing wrong with admitting what you like. They're your balls, not society's.


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