A Sad Day for Women


Rembrandt's depiction of Samson's marriage feast

I was stunned after hearing that the Florida governor vetoed a controversial bill that would limit the amount of time that alimony would be paid in divorce.


The proposal, SB 718, would have ended permanent alimony, cap alimony awards based on a person’s income

and the length of the marriage and make it easier for an ex-spouse to terminate or lower alimony payments upon retirement. It also gives parents equal custody of any children in the marriage.


The naysayers of the bill expressed much concern that divorcee’s of long term marriages would be left destitute in the long term for giving up lucrative careers to raise families, etc. The crux of the article focuses on the plight of women in making examples and completely ignores the growing converse where many women are the bigger breadwinners and forced to pay men alimony. Does Britney Spears come to mind?

Looking at the Big Picture, this bill would go a long way towards generating equality between the sexes. We’re almost there.

Here’s why its a sad day for women. For many, many years now the female gender has made major inroads into areas once dominated by males. Crashing the glass ceiling, better opportunities, etc are all within reach now for the female gender. Not passing this bill only continues to hold back women. Alimony in it’s present form hinders a woman’s ability to fully live up to her potential. Men are no longer the major bread winners for a family. In fact more and more women in our society are taking over 50% of the higher achieving jobs in our society. Women make up 53% of student populations at major Universities.


Ladies, you’ve fought this hard to break through. You’re almost there. Why allow yourselves to be held back with such antiquated laws as this?


What are you waiting for?




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