Becoming Vanilla?

photoI sit here pondering the state of affairs in our fine country and at times many emotions seem to flow through me like tidal changes in the Bay of Fundy. One moment I’m extremely happy to see the little successes seen around the country where little bits of humanity pop up like springtime flowers and at other times I become distressed at the continued divisiveness I see flashed across the news.

I’m amazed that anything can actually get done at all with this atmosphere. Where emotion is used to “govern” a great country instead of critical thought and rational debate. Where somehow a “crisis” must be needed to bring about change and whereby executive fiat must be used to beat down a legislative process that doesn’t agree.

“So what?” you might ask. Valid question. For those of us that are following the baby boomer generation the easy answer is “I don’t know”. For Gen X, Y, Z, Millenials, and whatever you want to label them, the sensory overload of hyperconnectivity modern communications like Facebook, Twitter, and the 24 hour news cycle only serve to deaden our nerves and the true ability to feel. So what are you feeling? I don’t know… I feel kind of like “vanilla”.



Little joy is taken in what used to be labeled as fun almost as if things must be taken to an extreme to get the dopamine fix and adrenaline rush.

With all these scandals rocking the nation’s capital wouldn’t it just be a breath of fresh air to get the whole truth out to the public? and then just let the process that we’ve fought to defend for many years actually work?

I guess I’m old fashioned in that I think our leaders were voted in to actually lead, not serve their own selfish interests. Apparently I’m wrong and and left to feel, well, vanilla…


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