The Immigration Fiasco

To my fellow countrymen, do not be fooled. What could be a really simple deal to actually deal with an illegal immigration problem in this country could be summed up in about 20 pages or less. Some of us call it metrics but to the politicians plying their trade in DC, its called pork payoffs. An Immigration Bill that needs over 1,200 pages to get its point across is a game of futility with the US Citizens and yes, illegal immigrants as the biggest losers in this game. Don’t look at the little man behind the curtain, just look at the shiny bauble in front of you.

English: Container used for illegal immigratio...

English: Container used for illegal immigration to the U.S., 22 Chinese were arrested at the Seattle seaport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make no mistake, the only losers in this deal are the illegal immigrants themselves. I’m not PC so I’m not going to call this group of folks anything else but what they are; ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.period. I have nothing against those that came here and want to go through the legal process of wanting to become a productive citizen in this country

but I don’t have sympathy for those that came here illegally and want the free payoff that the game players in DC want to hand you. For whatever reason they decided to come here, if you didn’t get a VISA and come through normal channels, realistically, they are an illegal invader. This is the only country I know that treats this group of folks nicer than some of its own citizens. I’ve traveled to foreign countries and they monitor your travels with a fine tooth comb. Once your time is up, out you go.

Here’s what you are. You are pawns. The only thing you become are 12 million (or more) new taxpayers to fund the most selfish generation of our history, the babyboomers. They couldn’t cut it in the 80’s with the crash, junk bonds, and the “Wall Street” era so lets figure out a way to fleece the US in another way. This is where you, the illegal immigrant, come in to do your part.

You get wow’ed and oogled over as the latest fad in order to make this generation feel validated and empowered. I feel sad for you because you actually buy this load of crap being hoisted on you. Make no mistake, your position in life in this country will be no better when this crappy bill passes Congress.

As this boomer generation continues their long march into retirement, you, the illegal immigrant should smile big and proud because YOU will be left holding the bag while they play their rounds of golf or whatever they want to do all safe and snug in the warmth that you will provide. Oh and when it’s your turn to live the American Dream, well…



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