It’s a Trap!

Trap  Men, do not fall into this trap. If you’re dating a new girl, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, say the those eight little letters first to a woman. If you do, you have just sealed your life-ending beta servitude to her.

This is the most insidious trap most men fall into in today’s Feminism 3.0 world.

If a girl has serious game today’s man can’t help but fall into the trap. They’ve got it down to a science. Today’s man has been indoctrinated since birth to defer to a woman in all things including these eight little letters. We’ve been conditioned to think that if we say this, our world will turn into one filled with unicorns, glitter, rainbows and never-ending sex.

What really happens is that you’ve signed over all rights to your balls, manhood, and will feast on a steady diet of progesterone laden beta for the rest of your life. Only you won’t understand what just happened. The blue goggles in which you now look at your item of affection will bedazzle you with her smile will forever cloud your judgement.

Men, just don’t do it. Maintain your position of strength. When pure frustration comes forth from her mouth because you haven’t said it but the nagging starts from her to get you to say those letters, just lean and say, yeah babe, I know you do, it’s ok. Maintain frame men, maintain your frame. One last note. For those of you that already succumbed to the trap, when or if she says those eight crazy letters to you, there is still hope. You can also lean in and state the same, “I know you do babe” with a cocky smirk on your face and then leave the area. Watch what happens…


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