Friendzoning your Husband

576202_597141166980827_456157226_n Meme’s like this are everywhere. Most of the most ludicrous ones are those that want marriages to be friendships. You hear it over and over how a man makes overly gushing remarks to his beloved about her being his best friend but lately, I’ve seen it coming from women more and more.

When a man says to this to his woman and/or future spouse he automatically makes a beta mistake. In often cases, he doesn’t realize he’s done so, mostly because our society has trained him to be a thoughtful mangina. This is a display of lower value and men, if you’re reading this now, stop saying stuff like this. It makes you look like a wuss. When a man decides to betroth his supposed beloved, its because he wants to have sex (and lots of it) with this one person. Sex, in a relationship, is truly the glue that binds. If you hear anything else, it’s complete beta tripe.

Women, if you say something insipid like this to your man you are freindzoning your beloved. Stop it. A man already has friends. You are not his friend. You are his wife (or soon to be). How sexy it must be to stay up all night on a sleepover, helping him polish his nails, curling your man’s hair, playing with makeup, or even worse, playing dress-up, and talking the latest gossip from the water cooler.  Is this what you truly want? Friendzoning your beloved automatically puts you at risk of being swayed by that real Alpha Wolf because you’ve already lowered your husband’s status in the relationship.

My sleepovers with my wife consist of wearing her ass out. My sleepovers consist of making my wife have to explain why she’s walking funny at work the next day, or telling the kids to make their own breakfast because she stayed up too late and has no energy to move. If this is the type of sleepover you ladies had envisioned with this stupid meme, you really need to rethink your approach. This type of crap is why we have a nation rapidly filling with Hipsters and Metrosexuals. Appealing isn’t it? Ladies, do Hipsters or Metrosexuals give you the tingles? Or merely provide you with a friend to discuss the latest fashion trends or celebrity gossip on the Today Show or in People Magazine?

A real man, when hit with this, will merely laugh and then look you in the eye and say, “You’re so cute when you say that” and goes on with his business.  A beta will get all squishy, then start gushing on and on about professed love, and how much they appreciate being your best friend because they can tell you everything including all their deepest secrets, and could you please help him match his scarf with that fedora and rolled up jeans?

A relationship thrives between two people when they both have options but realize what they have together is worth more. It doesn’t come from friendzoning your man.

Ladies, do you really want your man to be your “best friend” or your “Man”, fully capable of protecting you when things get tough and providing for your needs? Think about it when you post stuff like this.



  1. ha ha ha ha ha can’t stop laughing at the thought of Friendzoning your husband he he he. Have to say I agree with you 100% “A relationship thrives between two people when they both have options but realize what they have together is worth more” True

  2. Look at the immense popularity of things like Shades of Grey and every Harlequin Romance ever written going back to Heathcliff and Lord Rochester.. Women might say they want a bestie for a husband, but I think deep down on a primitive biological level, we want something else. Cerebral cortex vs. the rest of our brains.
    However, when the reality of an aging body and sex with the same person for 25 years takes it’s toll and sex drive wanes, hopefully there is a friendship to still maintain a bond. If not, I guess it’s time for a divorce or you become like those silent older couples you see in restaurants.
    Wow, I’ve just depressed the hell out of myself.

    1. knace, the key thing is to embrace the lizard brain. It’s where our sense of survival comes from. At the end of the day, we are still animals with base instincts, there’s no reason why we have to let that fade. Embrace the good things and let the bad go. Women like to rationalize the “good girl” aspect of themselves but at the end of the day, too, their lizard brain wants that sense of “destruction” for the dopamine. Look at what they do, not what they say

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