Month: February 2015

12 Truths About Men

  1. If another woman walks by, a man will look. Doesn’t matter whom he’s with at the time. If he’s with you, make sure you’re the reason he stays with you.
  2. It is the thrill of the chase. A man can never tire of it, for if he does, woman loses attraction. For a man there is no sanctuary.
  3. Men don’t need to read a woman’s mind, for it matters not to him. A man has a life to lead, she’s invited but she doesn’t need to attend.
  4. A man has many reasons to marry, but in today’s society, he has more reasons not to get married. Either way, the government will make him pay so men must choose wisely
  5. Men think logically and rationally. If he gets overly emotional, he becomes weak
  6. A man wants a woman who knows how to be feminine, warm, and inviting around her man, no matter what she does outside the home
  7. If you’re a loud-mouthed ratchet it’s because you’ve beaten the man out of him and turned him into your ATM. Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery. Enjoy your spoils because it may not last very long.
  8. If a man loves you, great, don’t spoil it by asking him to hold your purse as that makes him look like a cuckold. There are hooks on every bathroom stall door and changing room to hang your purse. It’s your fashion accessory, not his.
  9. Men do know the value of a good woman. If he doesn’t value you, it’s not because he isn’t mature, it’s because your values don’t mesh with his. Men don’t circle around for another pass, there’s a reason why you’re an ex or passed over.
  10. Men do want a woman he can trust. He doesn’t need to her to uplift him, he does that on his own, because doing so shows her he is strong enough to protect her and she realizes what she has.
  11. Men lie, women lie. It’s human nature. But men are logical, rational beings; if you don’t want the harsh truth, deal with the lie. If the dress makes you look fat, don’t wear it. If the jeans make your butt look big, don’t wear them.
  12. In this day and age, they know a virgin is a unicorn but they prefer women with low mileage. High mileage cars don’t last   long.