The Continued Rise of the Beta Male

Here is another example of the continual decline of masculinity.

Dude is riding bitch on a motorcycle. There is nothing more to say other than Enjoy the Decline


What Joe Biden didn’t want you to know about America but said it anyway

Joe Biden has a way with words. Many see him as the Leisure Suit Larry of politics but in many ways he’s also a Man’s Man stuck in a political/social system that indoctrinates masculinity as toxic.

In a recent interview with CNN, Biden was asked questions about why Hillary couldn’t win the election. Politics aside, he made some salient points.

“We don’t show respect to that group that’s been left behind”

“Globalism has not been an asset to everyone and some have been left behind”

“I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems,” he said.

He claimed to the LA Times there’s “a bit of elitism that’s crept in” to Democratic thinking.
“What are the arguments we’re hearing? ‘Well, we’ve got to be more progressive.’ I’m not saying we should be less progressive,” Biden said. “We should be proud of where the hell we are, and not yield an inch.

“In the meantime, you can’t eat equality,” he added.

I feel bad for Joe. He decided to cast his lot with the group who’s sole intent was to tear apart the fabric of a once great nation and reduce it an amorphous group of consumers. He once had a chance to be different but he sold his soul to globalism. He can’t quite finish the exorcism since it did allow him to build his influence, power and fortune.

This interview was his way of going to the confessional to ask God for forgiveness now that’s he’s “retired”. His penance was to confess to the American people that he sees what globalism truly is. In his book SJW’s Always Lie, author Vox Day states that Social Justice Warriors (SJW) must always double down when the narrative is in trouble. As Biden said, “we’ve got to be more progressive”. He knows it won’t work but he has to carry the guidon.

He knows deep down that “equality” destroyed our society. It only takes away, but never provides. Sad truth is there is and never will be equality in anything, ever. Equality was meant to destroy the middle class and has done a very good job. Biden knew this but had already signed his soul over to the devil. As to the toxic masculinity, well, let’s just say that true masculinity and the patriarchy built everything you see around you, not equality.

The real truth is that inequality leads to progress.

Mr President, please, just stay where you are

It’s simple. President Obama has abdicated his throne in favor of enjoying what joy and fun he can suck out of the White House until January when he walks out the door leaving the lights on and the keys on the kitchen table.

While many deplore his actions of enjoying a baseball game while the world mourns the loss of friends and family in Brussels, I’m glad he enjoyed the game. At this point, there is nothing he can do literally or symbolic that means anything. Fifty-one seconds of saying, “I’m standing behind you, sending good vibes, and keeping you in thoughts and prayers” means about as much as him tweeting it or posting it on his Facebook account.

I can’t determine whether he’s the poster child for the abundant apathy or the cause of it in our country. Brussels didn’t surprise me nor did I shed a tear in the way I would if one of my friends or family were caught in it. I expected it, and I expect a lot more to occur.

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest issue of this election is IMMIGRATION. Say it with me boys and girls, IMMIGRATION… Chateau Heartiste stated it in Diversity+Proximity=War back in 2011. Europe is coming apart at the seams due to their open border policy and allowing militants (sorry, immigrants) to flow in undeterred. The EU, if its smart, should dismantle itself. Nationalism is the only way to save Europe in any meaningful way. Merkel’s party took a huge hit in the recent elections. Wonder why… Sweden has decided to ship all those militants (sorry, immigrants) back to where they came from. Guess their socialist system didn’t appreciate the uptick in Sexual Assault cases committed by???? Oh that’s right, the newly accepted militants

The establishment Democrats and Republicans are basically one and the same. One of the reasons both sides hate Trump so badly is because he is going to deconstruct the entire infrastructure (which they need).

So here’s my thoughts on the election:

Liberals: The Democrats know they aren’t going to win this election. If they thought they had a chance, why only two candidates? In reality, the Dems know Hillary has lost the white male vote (and gained the minority males due to Freebies) and she doesn’t really stand a chance in the general election but this is her last shot at the title so it’s a token run after her humiliation from Obama. Personally, I’m tired of being preached or lectured to by a scolding schoolmarm. They are willing to sacrifice the election in favor of being able to mount a serious candidate in four years. Bernie, well, he represents the uber left and no snowball in hell chance of anything. My take on the Email scandal is that Obama is being very hush hush on this but telling the FBI and Justice Department to sharpen the ax by insuring there is no legal appeal because you don’t grant immunity if a grand jury hasn’t been convened or very close to it. Her only reprieve is if Obama looks like a benevolent dictator and granting a stay of execution and pardon at the eleventh hour. Either way, she’s done.

Conservatives: The Republicucks are frothing at the mouth trying to understand how an “upstart” such as Trump is upsetting their carefully laid out apple cart. They spend more time trying to bring him down than figuring out a way to co-opt him. He will win the Republican nomination because if not, the Republicucks know they are finished as a party. There is enough Nationalist anger going on in the country that the Globalists would rather be consumed in their own fire than look at a way to maintain power and actually improve the country for all. Whenever Cruz starts talking he sounds like a cuckservative version of Obama. Like the teacher in Peanuts, its just more of an out of tune trumpet… It’s amazing how he’s come full circle on closing the borders. I don’t want to hear he’s always been this way because he hasn’t. He’s preached it but go back to my point about Dems and Cucks being the same. The Tea Party became absorbed by the Borg establishment as well. Even Fox news can’t understand this new dynamic. Tucker Carlson has been broaching the Trump narrative but he walks a fine line of upsetting the establishment and losing his job. Megyn Kelly is a closet rabid feminist who can’t stand Trump so bad she can barely cover it up every time she opens her mouth. Always trying to play a game of gotcha. If you think I’m kidding, look at her now. The Feminazi is just about out of the closet with her latest hairdo. I enjoy watching Trump knock her off her pedestal in front of “da Boyz”.

Mr Trump, if you’re reading this, when you do gain the nomination, my recommendation is that you choose Bernie as your running mate. How could you go wrong? Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance against that ticket.

Mr President, with all due respect to the office, please stay were you are and enjoy your tax fueled vacation. Brussels and the world in general got your message loud and clear seven years ago.

Why can’t men just be… well, Men?

A friend posted an article on her Facebook page to yet another article bemoaning the fact that men just aren’t men anymore,

Funny article but the feminist movement is to blame! The decline of strong family values, no fault divorce, the over abundance of men who are unwilling to raise the children they fathered, and the feminization of men to be more sensitive and to treat women like equals which has created masses of full grown “horny toddlers”… All courtesy of some short sighted bra burning,”

He said; “Did I miss the paragraph in this article that suggested feminist bashing is somehow what real men ought to be doing?”

She wrote. How did men behaving badly become women’s fault? The feminist movement accomplished one thing: it allowed women to become equal participants in the workforce so that we can be self supporting and self reliant. We were/are no longer forced to be dependent on a man for long term financial support, and became free to leave if our partner didn’t treat us well – an option that didn’t exist financially or culturally until very recently. The feminist movement didn’t create bad men, it just gave women the freedom not to be bound to them or dependent on them. There are plenty of good ones out there. But now we can take our time to find them and be with them because they are good partners and because we want to be, not because we need someone to take care of us
Pansy guy replied: Family values were not unraveled by the feminist movement; they are reinforced. Strong women do not make weak men. That is a fallacy that is perpetrated by the anti-feminists of the world. To suggest men somehow fail at the hands of women’s increased rights, safety, or health, is to blame the victim in the most basic philosophical terms.

Pansy guy totally drank the cool aid

Ask him how exactly they were reinforced

Men aren’t failing, they aren’t allowed into the game

Feminism crushed all ways that allowed men to teach boys how to be real men. Men’s clubs, golf courses/country clubs, cigar shops, even the military were all “schools” for training men.

Who said men are behaving badly? They are simply doing what they have been taught and what is being perpetuated as socially acceptable. It’s simple. The article is ridiculous to insinuate that the Internet and technology have somehow limp-dicked men and made them pansies. It’s actually really insulting to most upstanding men. Men have become pansies because they have been devalued in relationships, the home, and society in general.

Think of it this way… Women, do you appreciate it when a man opens a door for you? I’m guessing you do, I know many do. But not all men were taught that is a courtesy that they could render to women. Instead they have been taught that she can do it herself. And damn right she can. But it’s these small things that have eroded the provider/protector nature of men and shamed men from being men and be masculine in general. Men can not do things for women without them getting butt hurt about a man being dominate and the Captain of his ship.

She wrote: I agree wholeheartedly that the feminist movement did reap some amazing benefits. Trust me, as an Active Duty Army Officer; I understand the benefits of the feminist movement. Everyday I am reminded that I comprise of less than 10% of my peers, and I receive commensurate treatment and pay as my male counterparts. I am a case in point of the successes of the feminist movement. Gender equality has been liberating for both men and women. But the consequent devaluation of men and demonizing of masculinity that has evolved with the feminist movement and mutated feminist rhetoric is problematic.

If a man has had strong male role models and wasn’t shamed or scolded for his masculinity, that man is more likely to be the strong Alpha male who can handle a strong independent woman. He is not threatened by her strengths and independence. He values them. BUT it takes a stronger woman to value a strong Alpha male who is not going to be a wallflower in the home nor is he going to be treated like a lapdog. The feminist movement didn’t teach us that. Instead it taught us we need to be treated equal and that men need to be more sensitive to women’s needs. Which is crock of shit if a woman is really as strong and independent as she thinks she is. Sure we want a man who is respectful and appreciative, but do you honestly want a man that you can boss around and wears the skirt in the relationship. No, you want someone who compliments your strengths and weaknesses but is able of being that provider and protector. Unfortunately that is not what all men are taught—remember, women, can do it ourselves!

And as far as family values being reinforced by the feminist movement, I’d like to hear more about that. With increased (and quite alarming) divorce rates and single parent households (oh yeah, I’m one of those too), it’s hard to see how family values have been reinforced. Instead, I think it’s just become easier to quit when times get rough… I mean hell guys, “she can do it on her own” or ladies “you can just screw him over” with the courts…. yep, reinforced family values alright.

Men have not failed at the hands of women’s increased rights, safety or health…. men have been failed…by the feminist movement and feminism—-which is more than the political movement that keeps getting referenced…it’s the philosophical norm of feminism that has evolved from empowerment of women and mutated into the demonization of men. Guarantee you can’t walk into a single university across this country and take a women’s studies course that doesn’t somehow tie into how men have oppressed women, and that we (women) are victims that have been/or need to be freed of the chains of the evil man. Lofty logic if you ask me. And to insinuate that women are the victims… well hell, if they want to be they are… I’m not nor do I feel the need to play a victimization card for the chromosomes I was dealt.

This woman, my friend, just gets it. She works on being feminine, dresses nicely, grows her hair out long, makeup (when not in uniform), stays in shape and works her girl game. My friend has four combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan under her belt.

So to all the men out there, it’s time to step up and be, well, men. Despite all the fluff a man gets served about being gooey, it just doesn’t work so stop.

Friendzoning your Husband

576202_597141166980827_456157226_n Meme’s like this are everywhere. Most of the most ludicrous ones are those that want marriages to be friendships. You hear it over and over how a man makes overly gushing remarks to his beloved about her being his best friend but lately, I’ve seen it coming from women more and more.

When a man says to this to his woman and/or future spouse he automatically makes a beta mistake. In often cases, he doesn’t realize he’s done so, mostly because our society has trained him to be a thoughtful mangina. This is a display of lower value and men, if you’re reading this now, stop saying stuff like this. It makes you look like a wuss. When a man decides to betroth his supposed beloved, its because he wants to have sex (and lots of it) with this one person. Sex, in a relationship, is truly the glue that binds. If you hear anything else, it’s complete beta tripe.

Women, if you say something insipid like this to your man you are freindzoning your beloved. Stop it. A man already has friends. You are not his friend. You are his wife (or soon to be). How sexy it must be to stay up all night on a sleepover, helping him polish his nails, curling your man’s hair, playing with makeup, or even worse, playing dress-up, and talking the latest gossip from the water cooler.  Is this what you truly want? Friendzoning your beloved automatically puts you at risk of being swayed by that real Alpha Wolf because you’ve already lowered your husband’s status in the relationship.

My sleepovers with my wife consist of wearing her ass out. My sleepovers consist of making my wife have to explain why she’s walking funny at work the next day, or telling the kids to make their own breakfast because she stayed up too late and has no energy to move. If this is the type of sleepover you ladies had envisioned with this stupid meme, you really need to rethink your approach. This type of crap is why we have a nation rapidly filling with Hipsters and Metrosexuals. Appealing isn’t it? Ladies, do Hipsters or Metrosexuals give you the tingles? Or merely provide you with a friend to discuss the latest fashion trends or celebrity gossip on the Today Show or in People Magazine?

A real man, when hit with this, will merely laugh and then look you in the eye and say, “You’re so cute when you say that” and goes on with his business.  A beta will get all squishy, then start gushing on and on about professed love, and how much they appreciate being your best friend because they can tell you everything including all their deepest secrets, and could you please help him match his scarf with that fedora and rolled up jeans?

A relationship thrives between two people when they both have options but realize what they have together is worth more. It doesn’t come from friendzoning your man.

Ladies, do you really want your man to be your “best friend” or your “Man”, fully capable of protecting you when things get tough and providing for your needs? Think about it when you post stuff like this.

Father’s Day… or is it?

There was a time that I really enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day. For those that know me I’m not into celebrating all things Hallmark but this was one day that I kinda looked forward to more as a chance to reflect on where I’ve been as a Dad and where I was headed. It was a day for me to be a little introspective on how I wanted to continue to raise my son into being a man.

I noticed last fathers dayyear (who knows, this has probably been going on for years) more and more messaging wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day, including those women who happen to be single without the baby daddy in the picture. As each year progresses, this particular aspect irks me more and more each year. Watching this phenomenon unfold on Facebook is especially irritating as everyone, including beta-ized men, knock themselves out to post something even more aggrandizing to the females out there who don’t have a male in the Father role with their kids. Can you even imagine if a man were to do this in reverse on Mother’s Day? The feminist crap storm that would ensue?

Father’s Day is for Men. Period. If you’re a single Mom, that’s what you are, a Mom. I don’t care what the circumstances are that puts you in that position, nor do I judge. Father’s Day is my day. It’s because I’m a man, fathered a child, and I’m present in his life. I may not be perfect and often make mistakes, but I’m present and I provide.

Honestly, it’s this kind of drivel that continues to force men into being womenized and emasculated. Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the male. If for no other reason than to finally get that new tie for work, a wrench to work on something manly, this should be his day, and his alone. Men already share the other 364 days of the year with a woman or women, so is it really so much to ask for this one little thing?

Lofty Aspirations or a Harsh Reality?

Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in ...

Louise Weiss along with other suffragettes in 1935.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read a couple of interesting articles today written by Susan Walsh posted here  and here describing the trade off between women coming to the realization that if they are in their late 20’s and hitting the career first, man/marriage and family later must realize they are on the cusp of having only a career to look forward to. While she made some valiant points one must realize that this article is solely written through and with the lens of feminism attempting to provide a long range strategy in the “We CAN have it all!” mantra that seems to be all the rage today with most hardcore feminists. It attempts to support that a woman has the ability to decide what she wants when she wants.

Ms Walsh quotes Sylvia Hewlett’s 2002 article Executive Women and the Myth of Having it All, which advises women to give careful consideration to their objectives well ahead of time:

1. Figure out what you want your life to look like at 45. 

If you want children (and 86-89% of high achieving women do), you need to become highly intentional and take action now.

2. Give urgent priority to finding a partner.

High achieving women have an easier time finding a partner in their 20s and early 30s.

3. Have your first child before 35.

The occasional miracle notwithstanding, late-in-life childbearing is fraught with risk and failure. 

4. Choose a career that will give you the gift of time.

Avoid professions with rigid career trajectories. Certain careers provide more flexibility and are more forgiving of interruptions. Female entrepreneurs, for example, do better than female lawyers in combining work and family – and they both do better than corporate women.

While I agree with the list I’d like to point out that this is extremely one-sided. This assumes that women in this category (highly educated, high achieving, high income, etc) have more “choice”

Susan writes:

I’ve been using the musical chairs metaphor since I began blogging – it’s been clear for two decades that women were outperforming men in education, and the current college ratio of 57% female, 43% male makes it undeniable that we have a serious problem with marriage prospects. 

The reasons for this disparity can be argued on many facets but I’d like to narrow mine to a few:

1. 30 years of feminism, STEM, and other female centric programs teaching both genders that women deserve MORE focus than males in the education system.

2. Failure of our modern schooling to adequately focus on the difference in learning styles for boys and instead shifting focus to girls. Ever wonder why ADHD is such a new widespread “syndrome” in our society and it affects boys more than girls?. The answer is drugging the boys so they “calm down” and “focus” instead of realizing that boys learn through hands on rather than just reading and answering questions.

3. Boys realizing that there is no longer an incentive to attain higher education in a system that no longer supports their ability to achieve in the future workplace. In other words, opting out.

4. College admissions openly against admitting males in favor of females regardless of qualifications and supposed gender neutral admission policies.

5. Women radicalized to thinking that more education really leads to what they truly want in life.

Walsh further states that one third of today’s female college graduates (Millennials as the focus) will not marry a college educated male according to the following reasons:

1. They want high achieving men, and there aren’t enough of them to go around.

2. They are ambitious in their careers but lazy about their love lives.

For one, it’s not as if we are holding out for Jake Gyllenhaal, but we do have certain non-negotiable expectations for potential mates that include college degrees and white-collar jobs. Life has always gone according to our plans, so why wouldn’t we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?

This unwillingness to settle for less than we think we deserve is joined by a lax attitude towards searching for potential mates. We’re busy dominating the world. We don’t have time to hang out at bars. While some of us explore online dating or take a more proactive approach, the majority of Millennial women have long assumed we would meet Prince Charming via friends, or through their own social circles.

There’s nothing women can do about the sex ratio in college, but they can certainly be strategic in their search for a mate. Indeed, it is not a random game of musical chairs. By making the right choices, you can get a tipoff on when the music is about to stop.

I generally applaud Ms Walsh’s writings in illustrating her points but I think she doesn’t want to alienate her more fem leaning readers by admitting to and illustrating the female imperative. While I realize she’s attempting to protect the gains women have made in education and perhaps the workplace, she cannot seem to focus the light on what feminism in its worst form (what we are living with now) has wreaked on our society.

While the above is true if you THINK you have a choice, which of course you do, Ladies, permit me to let you in on a little secret. The choice you really have is to either believe the lie you’ve been fed for the last 30 years or not. Simply put, men are awakening to the new reality and believe it or not, they aren’t mad. Quite the contrary. Instead they are simply opting out of the game you want to play. Want all the super achievements? Fine, go for it. You’ll reap the “benefits” bestowed on the old fashioned male that you’ve come to hate. If you haven’t read about the Herbivores of Japan you really should. It’s coming to a society near you at a lightning speed. Men are simply going to work to live and survive and no longer to “achieve”. What’s the point? Women need to stop bemoaning the dearth of marriageable men because you’ve gotten what you’ve asked for. Feminism has built a whole new society where everything is looked at how it impacts women as opposed to its impact on men or to society as a whole.

So ladies, you do have a choice. Continue to believe the lie, or kick it to the curb and decide which route you want to take in college. You do have a shelf life and men are becoming very aware now.