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Yay Norm.



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He looks happy but where else can one see an open plea for someone to willingly submit to being a cuckold. He actually looks happy about it too

20 things a dad should tell his son

I’ve seen many articles about what a Mom should tell her son, but I rarely see where a Dad actually takes the time to help this process, so I took some time to think about it.

Eventually my list will much longer than twenty items but here are the first of what will be many revisions going forward.

20 Things a Dad should tell his son

1. Play a sport. Stay in shape
2. There’s no rush to get married. Take your time and find the right woman; not “the one”. There is only “the one” at that particular time. Next them if they don’t meet your standards
3. Aim wisely when you pee. You are lucky that you get to stand up and pee, enjoy and embrace it. No one else likes a pissed-on seat
4. Save and spend your money wisely. Your time as an adult is going to be worse than my time. You will need your money long into the future. You earned it, you alone get to decide how it’s spent
5. Clean up after yourselves. No one likes a slob so stop practicing to be one. Take pride in your appearance.
6. Be spiritual. Take the time for personal reflection and introspection
7. Don’t start a fight but by God, if someone throws you a punch, you end it. As your father I’ll defend you to the end of my life
8. Learning doesn’t stop with High School graduation. Take the time to learn something new every day
9. Treat women with the right amount of alpha strength and beta comfort. Make sure the beta comfort is with an Alpha frame. Trust me, they’ll love you for it
10. Understand there is a real difference between genders outside of the workplace. Embrace those differences.Understand the difference between legal equality and equalism
11. Respect your elders and counterparts
12. Live up to your potential
13. Be kind and help others when you can
14. Your house, your rules.
15. You alone are the Captain of your ship. There is no such thing as a co-Captain.
16. Use honey and be polite with a strong frame
17. Don’t stand for bullying. See it, end it.
18. Read, read, read. Even if you don’t like it, read. When you need a break from reading, travel. The world is an amazing place.
19. Your decisions will decide who you are. You will be held accountable, so be accountable.
20. Remember your mother. She brought you into this world.