The Look of Loss


A seen at the Inauguration of President Trump.

Influence – gone

Power – rapidly diminishing and about gone

Money – gone

Freedom – about to be gone

Employment – gone

Media – gone

Welcome to Leavenworth, Comrades, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh by the way, Fleetwood Mac called, they want their song back…



What Joe Biden didn’t want you to know about America but said it anyway

Joe Biden has a way with words. Many see him as the Leisure Suit Larry of politics but in many ways he’s also a Man’s Man stuck in a political/social system that indoctrinates masculinity as toxic.

In a recent interview with CNN, Biden was asked questions about why Hillary couldn’t win the election. Politics aside, he made some salient points.

“We don’t show respect to that group that’s been left behind”

“Globalism has not been an asset to everyone and some have been left behind”

“I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems,” he said.

He claimed to the LA Times there’s “a bit of elitism that’s crept in” to Democratic thinking.
“What are the arguments we’re hearing? ‘Well, we’ve got to be more progressive.’ I’m not saying we should be less progressive,” Biden said. “We should be proud of where the hell we are, and not yield an inch.

“In the meantime, you can’t eat equality,” he added.

I feel bad for Joe. He decided to cast his lot with the group who’s sole intent was to tear apart the fabric of a once great nation and reduce it an amorphous group of consumers. He once had a chance to be different but he sold his soul to globalism. He can’t quite finish the exorcism since it did allow him to build his influence, power and fortune.

This interview was his way of going to the confessional to ask God for forgiveness now that’s he’s “retired”. His penance was to confess to the American people that he sees what globalism truly is. In his book SJW’s Always Lie, author Vox Day states that Social Justice Warriors (SJW) must always double down when the narrative is in trouble. As Biden said, “we’ve got to be more progressive”. He knows it won’t work but he has to carry the guidon.

He knows deep down that “equality” destroyed our society. It only takes away, but never provides. Sad truth is there is and never will be equality in anything, ever. Equality was meant to destroy the middle class and has done a very good job. Biden knew this but had already signed his soul over to the devil. As to the toxic masculinity, well, let’s just say that true masculinity and the patriarchy built everything you see around you, not equality.

The real truth is that inequality leads to progress.

Black Lives Matter.. Sorry, you’re just Americans now.

(Insert Here) Lives Matter…

Over the past year or so, you can hardly watch a day go by that there isn’t some story on mass media about Black Lives Matter (#blacklivesmatter) and the supposed peaceful protests they “stage”on behalf of their “constituents”. It’s the biggest dupe in the country but that goes unnoticed by the very participants themselves. They’re just another terrorist group.

Here’s the simple truth of it. Because of globalists (hmmm, George Soros anyone?) and their never-ending need for maintaining control of mass progressive liberal countries that make up the West literally demand continued unrest between the races to be maintained. The latest gimmick is the mass immigration being played out in Germany and the rest of Europe and just getting started here in the USA. Blacks are angry they can’t play the victim card anymore they just had to do something. So… lets come up with Black Lives Matter in order to protest, shoot at cops, loot, deflect, blame, and require safe spaces on major college campuses. Blacks aren’t getting the attention of the “man” because the “man” is one of their own. So who’s putting the Blacks down now? Sure they still like to take out their aggression against whitey and the false narrative of white privilege, but they really, really, really want to take it out against the Muslims who are now, thanks to global elites, the new “victims” on the world stage. If the Muslims knew how badly they are being played… well, you know.

Blacks are now being kicked out of the Government Prize Clearing Houses offices and other forms of apologist handouts for being angry and “oppressed” and whatever else the “victims” can scream and get. Now they are behind the poor oppressed Muslims flooding this country.

Welcome to the club, Blacky. Enjoy your new found black privilege.

Skittles be damned, blacks are now relegated to the same group as whitey… Americans.

Mr President, please, just stay where you are

It’s simple. President Obama has abdicated his throne in favor of enjoying what joy and fun he can suck out of the White House until January when he walks out the door leaving the lights on and the keys on the kitchen table.

While many deplore his actions of enjoying a baseball game while the world mourns the loss of friends and family in Brussels, I’m glad he enjoyed the game. At this point, there is nothing he can do literally or symbolic that means anything. Fifty-one seconds of saying, “I’m standing behind you, sending good vibes, and keeping you in thoughts and prayers” means about as much as him tweeting it or posting it on his Facebook account.

I can’t determine whether he’s the poster child for the abundant apathy or the cause of it in our country. Brussels didn’t surprise me nor did I shed a tear in the way I would if one of my friends or family were caught in it. I expected it, and I expect a lot more to occur.

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest issue of this election is IMMIGRATION. Say it with me boys and girls, IMMIGRATION… Chateau Heartiste stated it in Diversity+Proximity=War back in 2011. Europe is coming apart at the seams due to their open border policy and allowing militants (sorry, immigrants) to flow in undeterred. The EU, if its smart, should dismantle itself. Nationalism is the only way to save Europe in any meaningful way. Merkel’s party took a huge hit in the recent elections. Wonder why… Sweden has decided to ship all those militants (sorry, immigrants) back to where they came from. Guess their socialist system didn’t appreciate the uptick in Sexual Assault cases committed by???? Oh that’s right, the newly accepted militants

The establishment Democrats and Republicans are basically one and the same. One of the reasons both sides hate Trump so badly is because he is going to deconstruct the entire infrastructure (which they need).

So here’s my thoughts on the election:

Liberals: The Democrats know they aren’t going to win this election. If they thought they had a chance, why only two candidates? In reality, the Dems know Hillary has lost the white male vote (and gained the minority males due to Freebies) and she doesn’t really stand a chance in the general election but this is her last shot at the title so it’s a token run after her humiliation from Obama. Personally, I’m tired of being preached or lectured to by a scolding schoolmarm. They are willing to sacrifice the election in favor of being able to mount a serious candidate in four years. Bernie, well, he represents the uber left and no snowball in hell chance of anything. My take on the Email scandal is that Obama is being very hush hush on this but telling the FBI and Justice Department to sharpen the ax by insuring there is no legal appeal because you don’t grant immunity if a grand jury hasn’t been convened or very close to it. Her only reprieve is if Obama looks like a benevolent dictator and granting a stay of execution and pardon at the eleventh hour. Either way, she’s done.

Conservatives: The Republicucks are frothing at the mouth trying to understand how an “upstart” such as Trump is upsetting their carefully laid out apple cart. They spend more time trying to bring him down than figuring out a way to co-opt him. He will win the Republican nomination because if not, the Republicucks know they are finished as a party. There is enough Nationalist anger going on in the country that the Globalists would rather be consumed in their own fire than look at a way to maintain power and actually improve the country for all. Whenever Cruz starts talking he sounds like a cuckservative version of Obama. Like the teacher in Peanuts, its just more of an out of tune trumpet… It’s amazing how he’s come full circle on closing the borders. I don’t want to hear he’s always been this way because he hasn’t. He’s preached it but go back to my point about Dems and Cucks being the same. The Tea Party became absorbed by the Borg establishment as well. Even Fox news can’t understand this new dynamic. Tucker Carlson has been broaching the Trump narrative but he walks a fine line of upsetting the establishment and losing his job. Megyn Kelly is a closet rabid feminist who can’t stand Trump so bad she can barely cover it up every time she opens her mouth. Always trying to play a game of gotcha. If you think I’m kidding, look at her now. The Feminazi is just about out of the closet with her latest hairdo. I enjoy watching Trump knock her off her pedestal in front of “da Boyz”.

Mr Trump, if you’re reading this, when you do gain the nomination, my recommendation is that you choose Bernie as your running mate. How could you go wrong? Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance against that ticket.

Mr President, with all due respect to the office, please stay were you are and enjoy your tax fueled vacation. Brussels and the world in general got your message loud and clear seven years ago.

Becoming Vanilla?

photoI sit here pondering the state of affairs in our fine country and at times many emotions seem to flow through me like tidal changes in the Bay of Fundy. One moment I’m extremely happy to see the little successes seen around the country where little bits of humanity pop up like springtime flowers and at other times I become distressed at the continued divisiveness I see flashed across the news.

I’m amazed that anything can actually get done at all with this atmosphere. Where emotion is used to “govern” a great country instead of critical thought and rational debate. Where somehow a “crisis” must be needed to bring about change and whereby executive fiat must be used to beat down a legislative process that doesn’t agree.

“So what?” you might ask. Valid question. For those of us that are following the baby boomer generation the easy answer is “I don’t know”. For Gen X, Y, Z, Millenials, and whatever you want to label them, the sensory overload of hyperconnectivity modern communications like Facebook, Twitter, and the 24 hour news cycle only serve to deaden our nerves and the true ability to feel. So what are you feeling? I don’t know… I feel kind of like “vanilla”.



Little joy is taken in what used to be labeled as fun almost as if things must be taken to an extreme to get the dopamine fix and adrenaline rush.

With all these scandals rocking the nation’s capital wouldn’t it just be a breath of fresh air to get the whole truth out to the public? and then just let the process that we’ve fought to defend for many years actually work?

I guess I’m old fashioned in that I think our leaders were voted in to actually lead, not serve their own selfish interests. Apparently I’m wrong and and left to feel, well, vanilla…