Black Lives Matter.. Sorry, you’re just Americans now.

(Insert Here) Lives Matter…

Over the past year or so, you can hardly watch a day go by that there isn’t some story on mass media about Black Lives Matter (#blacklivesmatter) and the supposed peaceful protests they “stage”on behalf of their “constituents”. It’s the biggest dupe in the country but that goes unnoticed by the very participants themselves. They’re just another terrorist group.

Here’s the simple truth of it. Because of globalists (hmmm, George Soros anyone?) and their never-ending need for maintaining control of mass progressive liberal countries that make up the West literally demand continued unrest between the races to be maintained. The latest gimmick is the mass immigration being played out in Germany and the rest of Europe and just getting started here in the USA. Blacks are angry they can’t play the victim card anymore they just had to do something. So… lets come up with Black Lives Matter in order to protest, shoot at cops, loot, deflect, blame, and require safe spaces on major college campuses. Blacks aren’t getting the attention of the “man” because the “man” is one of their own. So who’s putting the Blacks down now? Sure they still like to take out their aggression against whitey and the false narrative of white privilege, but they really, really, really want to take it out against the Muslims who are now, thanks to global elites, the new “victims” on the world stage. If the Muslims knew how badly they are being played… well, you know.

Blacks are now being kicked out of the Government Prize Clearing Houses offices and other forms of apologist handouts for being angry and “oppressed” and whatever else the “victims” can scream and get. Now they are behind the poor oppressed Muslims flooding this country.

Welcome to the club, Blacky. Enjoy your new found black privilege.

Skittles be damned, blacks are now relegated to the same group as whitey… Americans.